iPad Kitchen Stand

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Catch up on your favorite shows and display recipes with hands-free ease with this adjustable iPad stand, crafted of eco-friendly bamboo.

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Keeps Cookbook or Tablet elevated while cooking to avoid spills and messy ingredients. Easel back keeps stand at an angle, easier to follow a recipe while cooking; folds for compact storage. Compatible with most electronic devices, Smart Phone, iPads, Surface, Kindle and more; adds style to your counter top even when not in use. Made of composite wood with smooth painted surface; wipe clean with a damp cloth, do not submerge in water.

2 đánh giá cho iPad Kitchen Stand

  1. Adam Dawson

    Good quality, good design. Just one thing: the shipping is a little bit slow…

  2. Nina Young

    Very useful. And I like the design, very much!

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